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Our Mission:

Simple - we are committed to revolutionizing the practice of management.

At the Human Potential Project we are engaged in nothing less than reinventing the practice of management.  Why? - because the business world of today is still stuck in thinking and practices that date back to the early 1900's and the beginnings of the industrial era. 

We have developed a new body of work that we call Commitment Based Management.  It is a coherent, broad based approach that has proven effective across every industry sector, has never failed to produce extraordinary results, and is designed to be effective in today's organizations, with today's workforce.

We invite you to join us in ushering in a new world of performance, passion, and profit.

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  • HP2 has generated a cumulative total of over $4 billion in increased profits and expense reductions for our clients.
  • Average ROI our clients generate on their investment in HP2.
  • Over the years some 95,000 people have participated in HP2 programs. We have worked across a wide spectrum of industry and government sectors and continue to work with people around the world.

The Power To Transform by Chris Majer

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    Chris Majer, Is the founder and CEO of the Human Potential Project. For some 25 years HP2 has been designing and delivering leading edge work in individual and organizational transformation.

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